Our fully qualified consultants at Hardy Safety Compliance Services undertake Site Safety Inspections throughout the United Kingdom on behalf of both Clients and Principal Contractors.

Rather than simply conducting a paper exercise, we offer friendly advice with the aim of improving health and safety standards within the Construction Industry.

Site Safety Inspections on behalf of the Client

On an unannounced or planned basis to be agreed with the Client our consultants undertake a full Site Safety & Welfare Inspection which begins with a review of the statutory documentation, e.g. registers, records followed by an inspection of the on-site activities. A report is then prepared and any actions discussed with the Contractor’s Site Manager. A copy of the report is left on site, a copy is passed on to the Client and a further copy is retained by us for our records. The Site Safety Inspection acts as a useful tool to monitor Contractors health and safety performance, identifying any non-compliances and highlighting any poor practices. Actions may then be taken where poor standards are being or continue to be applied.

Site Safety Inspections on behalf of the Principal Contractor

Our consultants act as an extra pair of trained eyes to ensure that you are compliant with your health and safety obligations. We will undertake a full audit of the site documentation and on site activities with your Site Manager. This will form part of the Principal Contractor’s monitoring arrangements as required under the CDM Regulations 2015. We will then prepare a report which will identify any non-conformities and remedial actions required to ensure compliance and best practice. A copy of the report will be left with the Site Manager and a further copy sent to the Principal Contractors Head Office.