Accidents are primarily caused by people. The human factor can be extremely difficult for any organisation or manager or supervisor to address, because we are all individuals.

We all have different attitudes towards health and safety, we behave differently and interpret instructions, procedures and information in a unique way.

Hardy Safety Compliance services site based safety training and coaching plays an essential part in assisting site operatives to understand their reasons for these differences in attitude and behavior in people, whilst raising an awareness of safety and talking to individuals asking them to take responsibility for their actions.

Mick Hardy has been involved with several major construction projects throughout the UK in the role of a site based safety coach, with the daily responsibility of improving attitude and awareness to Behavioral safety.

Influencing people’s attitude through effective and constant training and coaching sets out a level of expectation for safety on a day to day basis delivering sustainable results.

Coaching can bring huge improvements in behavioural health and safety both on and offshore for the Oil & Gas market.